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Westmount: location

Map of Westmount This community lies within the new city of Montreal on the southern slopes of Mont-Royal. It is bordered to the east by downtown, to the west by Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Cote-des-Neiges to the north and St-Henri to the south.

What makes Westmount unique

Westmount has a special atmosphere with its heritage buildings, expansive green spaces, beautiful homes, proud traditions and variety of shops - all next door to the bustle of downtown Montreal.

From its stately mansions, pristine hillside homes and elegant Victorian townhouses, Westmount offers a quality of living unparalleled in Montreal.

Living in Westmount

Westmount has two charming shopping areas - one on Sherbrooke Street, the other on Greene Avenue. They are both lined with fashionable boutiques, gourmet food shops, home decorating stores and sophisticated restaurants.

The community is home to 11 preschools, 10 schools, Dawson College, 11 churches and 2 synagogues.

Cultural, educational and community institutions abound, including Victoria Hall and Greene Avenue Community Centre, Atwater and Westmount public libraries, a Visual Arts Centre, a public swimming pool and arena.


During the earlier part of the eighteenth century, farmland running in strips across the top of Mount Royal was the origin of the divided lots that are covered with homes today. It was during the early part of the last century that Westmount experienced its first large population and development boom, which included the first civic public library in the Province of Quebec in 1902.

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