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2005: 111 transactions

52 Cottages

January: Phillips, Mayfair, West Hill, Côte St-Antoine, Harvard, Hampton, Terrebonne
February: Hingston, N.D.G. Avenue, Beaconsfield, Marcil, West Hill, Guelph, Grand Boul., Melrose
March: Northcliffe, Madison, boul. Grand, Harvard
April: Harvard, Draper, Wilson, Madison, O'Bryan, Hingston, Strathearn N., MacMahon
June: Oxford, Rosedale, Wilson
July: Beaconsfield, Lansdowne, West Broadway
August: Girouard
September: Claremont, Mayfair, Kensington, Grosvenor, Wilson
October: St-Jacques, Oxford
November: Kensington, Hampton
December: Wilson, Beaconsfield, Mariette, Percival, King Edward

6 Duplexes

January: Beaconsfield, Melrose
March: Kensington
June: Hampton
October: Bourret
November: Bessborough

12 Condos

January: Monkland, Hallowell, Duquette
February: Old Orchard, Monkland
April: Draper
May: Melrose
August: Aylmer, St-Joseph, Melrose
November: Dufferin
December: Parthenais

13 Co-Properties

January: Old Orchard
February: Old Orchard, Kensington
March: Marcil
April: Harvard
May: Bessborough, Simpson
June: Hampton, Grosvenor, Melrose
August: Pierre Dupuy
September: Melrose
November: Marlowe

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