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2010: 101 transactions

38 Cottages

January: Oxford, Wilson
February: Northcliffe, Montrose, Hingston
March: Bruce, Marcil, Monkland
April: Mount Stephen, Charest, Clifton, Marlowe
May: Hingston (2), West Hill, Westmore, Cavendish, Godfrey
June: Melrose, Prince of Wales, Royal, Harvard, Rosedale
July: Royal
August: Melrose
September: Chemin du Golf (Pte. Claire), Prince of Wales, Wolseley, Guertin
October: MacMahon, Sheraton Dr., West Broadway, Hampton, Oxford
November: Rosedale
December: Grosvenor, Cumberland, Oxford

8 Duplexes

April: Wilson
July: Harvard, de Vendôme
August: Somerled, Draper
September: Mariette
October: Coolbrooke, Isabella

21 Condos

January: Beaconsfield
February: Harvard, Marlowe
March: Victoria, Champlain
April: Benny, 8th Ave. (Lasalle), Hingston, Merrimac, Prud'Homme, Claremont
May: Burton, Terrebonne
August: Prud'Homme
September: Lasalle Blvd., Ste Hélène (St.-Lambert)
October: Marlowe, Old Orchard
November: Sherbrooke W.
December: Old Orchard, Marcil

11 Co-Properties

February: Melrose
March: Harvard (2), Marcil
April: Harvard, Marcil, Beaconsfield
May: Borden, Lacombe, Harvard
December: Dufferin

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