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2016: 101 transactions

31 Cottages

January: Northcliffe, Beaconsfield, Wicksteed
February: Draper, Mayfair, Hingston, Place Newman
March: Draper, Kensington, Melrose, Beaconsfield, Royal
April: Hampton (3), Beaconsfield
May: Grosvenor, Royal, St-Ignatius, Jacques Hertel (Ville Émard), Harvard, Milan (St-Eustache), Draper
June: Lockhart, Brillon
August: Melrose
Septembre: Grand Blvd.
October : Rosedale, Ovila Gagné , Westminster

Novembrer : Harvard

8 Duplexes

February: Dufferin
March: Melrose
April: Wilson, Hingston
May: Beaconsfield, Connaught
Septembre: Rathwell
October : Mountain Sight

22 Condos

January: Melrose, Sherbrooke, Harvard
February: Old Orchard, Botrel, Melrose, Benny, Melrose
March: Lisgar (Ottawa), Greene
April: Benny, Beaconsfield, St-André
May: Girouard, Earnscliffe, Grey
July: St-Denis
August: Old Orchard, Côte-Saint-Luc
Septembre: Harvard
October : Draper, Marcil, Westminster

16 Co-Properties

February: Old Orchard (location), Beaconsfield
March: Kensington, Harvard
May: Harvard (rental), Madison (rental), Draper, Harvard, Marcil (rental)
June: Oxford, Hingston
July: Terrebonne
August: Chester, Marcil, Melrose
Septembre: Harvard

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