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2017: 111 transactions

40 Cottages

January: Beaconsfield, Westminster, Hampton, Cote St-Antoine, Sherbrooke
Febuary: des Pervenches, Elzéar Paquin, Brock N , Oxford, Staynor
March: Draper, Greenwood, King Edward, Rosedale, Mariette
April: Oxford, Kensington, King Edward, Hampton, Madison, Chemin du Grand-Lac-Noir
May: Lachine av. , Hampton, Patricia, Mariette (2x), Madison
June: Oxford, Wolseley N, Madison
July: Monkland, Wilson, Principale
August: Randall
Ocotber: Rosedale, Ovila Gagné, Oxford, Hampton, Westminster
November: Harvard

7 Duplexes

February: Wilson
May: Oxford
July: Wilson
August: Rosedale
September: Harvard
October: Mountain Sights, Beaconsfield

19 Condos

February: Terrebonne, Old Orchard, Bourrasque
March: Décarie, Christophe Colomb, Monkland
April: St-Jacques, Somerled, Earnscliffe
May: Old Orchard
June: Drummond, Old Orchard
July: Old Orchard, Benny, Oxford, Central Park
August: Monkland, Duquette
October: Draper

20 Co-Properties

January: Girouard, Old Orchard, Chester
February: Terrebonne (2x), Beaconsfield, Hingston
March: Marcil, Melrose
Avril: Hingston, Earnscliffe
May: Terrebonne
June: Royal, Melrose, Harvard
September: kensington, Grosvenor
October: Wilson
November: Bannantyne, Marcil

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